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Waterless car wash

Waterless car wash

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Bring back your shine with waterless car wash

With the waterless car wash products you are able to bring back your just washed car. The Waterless car wash products are great to clean and protect your lacquer, plastic and wheels against dust and filth. It is important to use this product combined with serveral towels made of microfiber. Most Waterless car wash products are combined with a wax. This combination makes sure that your car will shine again!

How to use waterless car wash
  • For the use of waterless car wash you will need a microfiber cloth. We recommend you to double fold your microfiber cloth twice, so you have multiple clean sides.
  • Thereafter you start on top of the car. Spray a panel generously with your waterless car wash. Be aware that you need to wipe the panel dry before it dries on it own.
  • It is important to wipe your waterless car wash in one direction. Otherwise you will spread the dirt you just removed back over your car.
  • Keep an eye on your microfiber cloth because it has to be clean. Repeat these steps for every panel until your car is clean.