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Foam car wash & Dirt Weekers

Foam car wash & Dirt Weekers

50 Item(s)

50 Item(s)

Pre wash: Car wash Foams

The Car Wash Foams are the best products for treating your car. The reason for this is as follows: Scratches by washing always occur if you do the washing in the wrong order or by doing wrong operations. Car wash foam, also known as a "dirt weeker", wipes away the dirt from your car lacquer. This avoids dirt moving over your lacquer and scratches. The well-known slogans of the carwash: "wash without scratches" come because they work with these car wash foam products. The high risk of washing streets is the brushes that wash your car, if they are not thoroughly cleaned, the dirt in these brushes scratches your car.

The use of Car Wash Foam

To apply the Car wash foam we recommend a foam lance kit or the supplied spray head. Through this Car wash foam lance or spray head, the foam gradually diffuses over your lacquer layer and begins to foam immediately. At that point, the operation of this dirt weeker begins and the dirt gets rid of your paint layer. By using these accessories you have the chance to wash your car without scratches! After applying the car wash foam and working for a while, remove the soup with a high pressure cleaner. If you have made the entire car car free, the first step of a clean car is complete!

Post car wash foam

Now that you have treated your car with the car wash foam and removed the first layer of dirt, you can wash your car with car shampoo. For instructions or questions, please contact our expert staff, they will guide you to the right products.