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Metal & Chrome cleaner

Metal & Chrome cleaner

60 Item(s)

60 Item(s)

Chrome Cleaner makes your dull and weathered chrome a shiny chrome surface again. The Chrome Cleaner gloss remover has effortlessly heavily soiled and weathered chrome work removed. The strong polishing effect of this Chrome cleaner is suitable for chrome, aluminum, light metal and alloys.

Chrome Cleaner Use

The use of this Chrome Cleaner is effective on the rims and chrome strips of your car, motor, moped or camper. The safe, but very powerful operation of Chrome Cleaner polishing ensures a beautiful final result. Treat before applying the Chrome Cleaner the chrome parts as follows:

  1. Thoroughly clean your chrome with a strong shampoo
  2. Rinse it off with sufficient water and chrome parts with a sieve
  3. Then apply the Chrome Cleaner to the chrome parts
  4. Rub the Polishing Wax thoroughly using a clean clean cloth

Chrome Cleaner tip

Regular cleaning of the chrome decorative strips ensures that the dirt can not stick to the surface so that your chrome parts are retained for a long time.

Chrome Cleaner products

For metals and chrome, excellent products have been developed to provide shine and protection. Think of end pieces of your exhaust, metal villages, chrome roof and window accents etc. The products are also suitable for the maintenance of polished rims. Different Chrome Cleaners:

  • BD Clean Chrome Polish: 100ml A professional polish for polishing and maintenance of chrome parts.
  • Collinite Metal Wax: Cleans and protects chrome, aluminum, brass, brass and stainless steel in a convenient step. Metal Wax # 850 removes salt deposits and rust from any car, boat, etc.
  • Mothers All Chrome Cleaner: Is a detail specially developed for chrome work. Suitable for chrome plated metal such as chromium plated rims. Easy to use: spray and reduce!
  • Autoglym Metal Polish: Provides brilliant long-term protection on flammable metals, including chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and alloys
  • Showroom Metal Shine by Turtle Wax: Cleans chrome, aluminum and stainless steel quickly and effectively. It also removes rust spots and makes the surface look new.