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Headlight restoration

Headlight restoration

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Treat your headlights with the headlight restoration products!

To address headlamps that have become dull you can use the headlight restoration products. These products remove, for example, oxidation from your lamps. For example, your headlights appear as new after using the headlight restoration products. Every car will will face headlights that become dull. This is because of the UV radiation that affects the lamps. As your lights become less clear, you become less visible, and that is of course dangerous. Therefore, keep an eye on your car lights and treat them on time with the headlight restoration products.

How do you use the headlight restoration products?

In order to correctly apply the headlight restoration products, follow a few steps.

  • Before you get started with the headlight restoration products, wash your car thoroughly with car wash foam and car shampoo for example , and especially the headlights.
  • Then wrap your headlights around so you can not touch the lacquer with the sponges.
  • If you have properly sealed the headlight, you can get started with the treatment of the lamp with the headlight restoration products. You follow the steps from the product you bought.
  • Finally, polish the lamps for best results.

After handling your car, you can not be left with ugly lamps. Therefore, with WLCarCare, you will find all products to handle your car as a whole. In addition to the headlight restoration products, you will find various interior and exterior cleaners and protective equipment.

Do you have questions about the headlight restoration products or about the use. Contact one of our expert staff.

Need help or saw a lower price somewhere else? Let us know by chat, email, social media or by phone!