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Engine cleaner

Engine cleaner

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Less power, poor acceleration, high fuel consumption and more similar problems are common in engines, a Engine Cleaner can be the solution to these problems!

Clean the engine with an Engine Cleaner, why?

Clean your engine once with an Engine Cleaner and your engine will radiate from all sides. After a good two hours of cleaning with the Engine Cleaner, the space underneath the hood looks as good as new and no longer like the rusty inner of an old barrel. But you should think, why should it look nice if you never look at someone? But imagine you want to sell the car? Then you want the engine to look good. Of course, after the cleanup and use of a Engine Cleaner, the engine will never do worse!

When you're done with the Engine Cleaner and cleaning, you can finish the engine space for the best results. A great product for this is, for example, the Meguiars Engine dressing. It gives shine and protection to plastic and rubber and cleans your cleaning after using the Engine Cleaner all the way down to the details. You can optionally upgrade the metal parts with a chrome cleaner and plastic caps and rubber hoses after treatment with car detailing products for plastic.

Environmental tip for using an Engine Cleaner

Of course, oil and lubrication can not just come to the street or into the well after using the Engine Cleaner so look like a engine block is really filthy where you will clean it with the Engine Cleaner. If necessary, place a few boxes of newspapers, and after the use of the Engine Cleaner, pour a little bit of waste into the bin. Little effort of course.

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