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Convertible top cleaner

32 Item(s)

32 Item(s)

With the convertible top cleaner products, you can provide your convertible top with the care it needs. These cabriolet cases need more attention than the rest of your car because this part of the car is more vulnerable than the rest. The convertible top cleaner is therefore designed to give you extra attention. The use of convertible top cleaner ensures that your convertible top will last longer as you may be able to take care of replacing or repairing. This way, you can easily protect your cabriolet cover from cracks and outside influences by regularly using the convertible top cleaner products.

Use of convertible top cleaner

By using the convertible top cleaner, you make the first step in the treatment process of your convertible top. For best efficiency, we recommend that you thoroughly clean your convertible top with one of the convertible top cleaner products before protecting your roof with one of the convertible top protector products. You apply the convertible top cleaner products, the product then wipes off the dirt and you can remove the dirt using a microfiber cloth. If your convertible top is heavily affected by algae or fungus, you can better use a brush. The combination of the convertible top cleaner and microfiber cloth or brush removes mold and dirt which makes your roof look new. Once you have done the cleaning thoroughly, you can take the next step in the process: protecting it.

Convertible top cleaner at WLCarCare

In addition to the convertible top cleaner products, WLCarCare offers more car cleaning products. This allows you to thoroughly clean the exterior, interior, glass, tires, rims and engine. For questions or advice, always contact our expert. They can be reached by mail, phone, online chat or social media.