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Car Clay & Clay kits

Car Clay & Clay kits

48 Item(s)

48 Item(s)

When to use car clay

The use of Car Clay is only advisable when the car shampoo has not been able to remove all the dirt. The moment when you slide your fingers over the lacquer and feel uneven, the car shampoo does not work well. At the moment, the car clay comes in handy. This is the perfect way to remove unevenness from your car paint. Car clay is used in conjunction with quick detailer so that the car clay can slide well over the lacquer and remove the dirt properly. Car clay is a product that is used by all professionals.

Use of car clay

The use of car clay is essential in the cleaning process of your car. Car clay is also called detailling clay because: it cleans your lacquer in detail so that your lacquer feels smooth. In order to protect your car as well as possible, we and other experts advise you to treat your car 2-3 times a year with car clay. You can experience this by testing a sandwich bag. By doing a bag around your hand, you feel how to paint it. Perform this test before and after using car clay and feel the difference!

After car clay

After thoroughly cleaning your lacquer by washing and then using car clay, proceed to the next step: Polishing. By using car polishes it’s possible tob ring back your car’s shine and color to his lacquer.

For more information, please contact one of our expert staff!