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Scratch Removers

Scratch Removers

35 Item(s)

35 Item(s)

A scratch remover will make your scratch disappear or become less visible. This depends on the depth of the scratch. You can measure the scratch by gently moving your nail over the scratch. If you do not feel the scratch or barely feel the scratch by your nail, it's likely that the scratch remover can fix the scratch. Do you feel a deep groove? Then the scratch remover can minimize the scratch. The scratch removers are so manufactured that you can manually apply them. WLCarCare also has scratch removers in the assortment that can be applied by a machine.

The application of a scratch remover

To use a scratch remover, we recommend you to follow the next steps:

  • Wash your car thoroughly with the car cleaning products thereafter dry the car with some dying towels.
  • Apply the scratch remover to a cool surface, please do not expose it to sunlight.
  • Apply it through a damp cloth or applicator pad and rub the scratch remover firmly over the scratch. Then wipe it gently with a microfibre cloth.

Scratch remover and other products at WLCarCare

In addition to the scratch remover, WLCarCare offers even more stuff to treat your car. For example, WLCarCare offers products to treat the exterior of your car, as well as the interior. Even your engine block can be cleaned with the products of WLCarCare. In addition, WLCarCare also offers accessories like accessories: sprays, sponges, brushes and machines. For questions or advice about our scratch remover products, you can always contact our expert. They can be reached by mail, phone, online chat or social media.