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Car Polishes

Car Polishes

Items 1 to 60 of 175 total

Items 1 to 60 of 175 total

What is a Car Polish?

Car polish is a liquid applied to painted surfaces against scratches and to remove dirt. Car Polish works by scrubbing the paint surface and removing the dirt. Additional solid components that settle in the Car Polish make sure to remove fine scratches and minimize their appearance by reflecting in the light so they go up in the rest of the surface. Most Car Polish contain a small amount of wax to create a desired shiny appearance.

Difference between Car Polish and Car Wax

Waxing and polishing using Car Wax and Car Polish are methods that help keep the car in a good condition. Waxing and polishing of a car must be kept from time to time, and the Wax and Car Polish gives the car a better and more beautiful appearance.

While Car Polish is known by some as a abrasive, Car Wax is called a protective jacket for the car. Polishing a car removes a layer while adding waxes a layer. Polishing through a Car Polish is a process where the upper paint layer is diluted a very small amount.

Polishing a car through Car Polish gives the shine back. The paint is mainly used to remove dirt and scratches from the surface.

Waxing of a car helps in the resistance to soot, water, dust and smoke. Waxing also helps in filtering the ultraviolet light. It also helps prevent blurring of the color. Waxing forms a barrier between the metal and the external elements such as oils and salts. This is usually done after using a Car Polish

Time difference with Car Polish and Car Wax

There is also the time difference between applying Car Polish and Car Wax on the car. Polishing should be done 1x a year, while waxes should be done 1x in the half year.