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Liquid Car Waxes

Liquid Car Waxes

Items 1 to 60 of 110 total

Items 1 to 60 of 110 total

Liquid Car Wax has different characteristics, from a traditional carnauba wax to high-tech synthetic Liquid Car Waxen. The modern Liquid Car Waxes are easy to use today (Easy On - Easy Off). The Liquid Car Waxes sometimes have Carnauba as the primary ingredient. Carnauba is recovered from the Brazilian rainforest carnauba palm and is known for its excellent protection, water repellency and durability.

Why do you need to wax the car?

Liquid Car Wax does not provide a great shine or wetlook, but serves as a protection for the bodywork. Consider protection against moisture, UV radiation and dirt. Before you wax the car with Liquid Car Wax, it is important to polish the car. The wax is better suited to a mirror-glazed car. By polishing, remove any scratches and dirt that can hinder the process of waxing. After thorough polishing of the car, it is time to wax. But when should you actually wax your car with Liquid Car Wax? How often someone wants to wax his car is of course to the person himself. However, we have an indicator that indicates when it's really time. If the water droplets do not lay as pearls, and do not roll it off, it's time to wax your car with Liquid Car Wax.

Different Liquid Car Wax

  • Turtle Wax Green Line Original Wax: The Turtle Wax Original is the Liquid Car Wax that started it all based on the original formula of 1950. This all-round still guarantees easy on, off shine.
  • Poorboys World polish with carnauba blue: Specifically developed with dark colored cars in mind. This Liquid Car Wax helps to bring a deeper shine upwards, while small unevennesses in the lacquer remain hidden.
  • Mothers wax california gold liquid car wax: Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax provides unparalleled depth, shine and protection with an easy to apply and take off formula.