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Lacquer Coatings

Lacquer Coatings

53 Item(s)

53 Item(s)

Protect your car with Lacquer Coating against weather and wear!

Protect your car from straw salt, UV rays and insects? The Lacquer Coating for your car paint is the latest development in the field of automotive protection. This Lacquer Coating protects your car's paint against external influences. The Lacquer Coating is not only intended to show your lacquer longer but also to facilitate maintenance.

If your car is more than just a means of transport then you're here economy, and you'd like this to always look as good as possible. A long-term care product is Lacquer Coating. But what exactly is that?

In short, Lacquer Coating is a treatment that protects your car paint from outside from outside (dirt gets less quickly by Lacquer Coating) while providing your four-wheeler at the same time with a beautiful shine. Unlike a Liquid Car Wax and a Paste Wax, it's a Lacquer Coating, which is added to your lacquer, as it were, instead of applied. As a result, the warranty periods for some Lacquer Coatings are very high for new cars!

Different Lacquer Coatings

  • Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Sealant: The Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Sealant was one of the first Lacquer Coatings that launched Auto Finesse in the retail industry. The Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Sealant has become equally important in the detail community because Lacquer Coating is extremely easy to use, highly reliable, durable and provides a highly reflective glass-like shine.
  • Monello Acquafobia: Is a spray coating that makes you very easy. Spray after washing and rinse (do not dry away) and then apply a hard water jet or your high pressure cleaner. The result: strong water repellency!
Lacquer coatings by WLCarCare car cleaning products & car polishes and many more online by WLCarCare!