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Car Glaze

Car Glaze

28 Item(s)

28 Item(s)

A car glaze is a shiny product that draws into the pores of the lacquer. Over time, the pores of the lacquer will open, this reducing the quality of the lacquer. A car glaze restores and nourishes the paint by pulling into these pores. You can apply a car glaze after using a car cleaning products or a car polishes. A car glaze has no protective effect. Therefore, it is important to protect the glaze and the lacquer with a sealant and/or a wax.

Difference between a car glaze and wax & polish

The big difference between a car gla and a wax is the purpose of the products. A car glaze has as its purpose the shine of the lacquer. A wax is used especially for the protection of the lacquer. A car glaze and a car polish differ less. Both products have the purpose of lacquer shine. The difference in these products is in operation. A car polish brushes the lacquer lightly while a car glaze fills the unevennesses in the lacquer. Both car glaze and car polish have a longer effect when you are still handling the car with a car wax. For a glossy end result, we recommend using WLCarCare to use a car glaze between the use of a car polish and a car wax.

Car glaze at WLCarCare

In addition to the car glaze, WLCarCare offers even more stuff to handle your car. For example, WLCarCare offers products to treat the exterior of your car, as well as the interior. Even your engine block can be tackled with the products of WLCarCare. In addition, WLCarCare also offers accessories like accessories, sprays, sponges, brushes and machines. For questions or advice, always contact our expert. They can be reached by mail, phone, online chat or social media.